Two Girls and Coffee is a blog website about how we’d always meet for coffee 

and talk about all topics under the sun until we decided to put it down on a website to share our

opinions with all those interested. Ranging from a wide variety of topics,

TGAC is a light hearted yet heart felt diary of occurrences.

We hope to make you a part of our small little world and we hope you’ll make us a part of yours too! 

Meet The Coffee Addicts



Well hello my lovelies!

I am an amateur fashionista, makeup artist, business developer, food critic, artist, and well now, blogger. I am THE jack of all trades!

My hobbies would include reading and caffeine. Oh! I forgot Pinterest. Well if I’m being true to myself, Pinterest is my vice. If you ever happen to meet me and I seem to be engrossed in the heavy task of scrolling through my phone enthusiastically, know that I’m being very productive…on Pinterest!! 

Anyways, I happen to love food, creativity, correct grammar, hikes, culture, good books, a hot cup of tea, rainy days, brown eyes and puppies! All those out there ready to be bombarded with a lot of selfies and puppy pictures, follow me on Instagram @gayatriiizzz.

Learning is my passion and you can ask any of my friends and they can attest to the fact that I have the weirdest conversations about the weirdest topics on planet earth. So as I sign off, I’d like to say that its a beautiful day to learn something, so read something different, and share it with me on any social media portal using #tgac and #gayatrilearnssomething

Well thank you for reading and check out other articles and leave a comment to let me get to know you better!



Hello hello all you beautiful people,

First of all thank you for taking out the time to get to know me. ‘Sahej’ which means to be calm and composed is the complete opposite of my personality as I’m one of the most hyper people you may come across. Yet I rarely get angry and my patience knows no bounds, and ‘Sahej’ which also means patience, is a great part of who I am as a person, so I see where my name has its influence in my life.

My love for bacon is as strong as my love for iced black coffee, art and makeup. So as you can see in the picture, the two core things I cannot survive life without; my topknot and my blue pair of glasses. People who know me, know this haha.🤓💙

I am a Professional Makeup Artist and a Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger, who is academically qualified in Foreign Policy, and have had practical experience in diplomatic work and marketing haha. I do believe in following your passions and giving it all you’ve got! I believe in the concept of Carte Blanche, which in French means looking at life as a blank piece of paper with the freedom to paint it as you’d like.

In my opinion, its how we put things into perspective and decide to look at the glass half empty or half full. Writing about all things abstract, random or tangible, I mostly will be looking at the glass as half full haha. And at that, a G&T please, with a slice of lime, preferably.

For my other social media, do check my personal Instagram @sahejsandhu and my Instagram Makeup Handle @artistrybysahej.

Keep in touch, keep smiling and be kind everyday! 🙂

#tgac #artistrybysahej