12 90’s Styles That Need To Be Back In Your Wardrobe

The world moved forward but the world never forgot. Yes Ladies, if you’ve been a hoarder since the 1990’s, it’s a real good thing. They’re back! You’re entire 90’s wardrobe is back like an awesome blast from the past. Here’s 12 wardrobe styles that have arisen from the crypt.

Boyfriend Jeans

Be it ripped, faded or dark wash, boyfriend jeans were everywhere in the 90s. Big jeans with big belts were the look then and NOW!


Look how cute Rachel looks! And now that they’re back in fashion, so can we!

Big, Poofy Hair 

The early 2000s saw a trend of poker straight hair but girls with frizzy hair: REJOICE! Big, Poofy hair are back in business.

Button Up Mini

They were all the rage in middle school and now they’re back! Minis are the season must-haves and can be seen in-stores all over! 

High-waisted Jeans with crop tops

Yes girls! The 90’s comeback includes the fashion you thought belonged to the 2010s era. Uh-huh! It’s all blast from the past!

Denim on Denim

Loved JT and Britney Spears? Well… at least their look is back in fashion! Not so much the dysfunctional relationship! (Think Kim K and Mr. President 2020!


Thank you Coachella fashion for bringing back our favorite 90s trend. CHOKERS! I love the look of a choker and judging by the amount that others wear them around town, so does everyone else!


Velvet dresses, shirts, pants, anything was fashion frontier in the 90s and is now as well!  


The early 2000s saw a shift from fun, cute backpacks to tittering around with pricey handbags. Channel your inner Baby Spice and everything nice and opt in for a fun backpack for your 90s comeback! 

Grunge Makeup

Who can forget the craze for grunge makeup? Well its back and better than ever! The dark brown/black/red lip and smoky glam is all around us and we can’t help but love the trend!

Big Jackets

All the hand-me-downs are now in fashion. Big denim jackets, big plaid shirts, big fluffy, comfy sweaters, big leather jackets that all us 90s kids used to ‘borrow’ from our siblings and roam about town, are the current favs.

Round Sunglasses

Sarah Jessica Parker. Enough said.

Stay chic, stay healthy my beautiful people! I hope all you fashion forward beauties will venture into trying these looks and don’t forget to tag us with #tgac 🙂

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