Two Girls And Dr. Mehak



TGAC Sunday Special

Delight Your Skin

Are you gearin’ up for the wedding season? Head out to Dr. Mehak for some skin rejuvenation!

Dr. Mehak Gupta is qualified as a Dentist and now is also a cosmetologist certified by Mumbai’s Dr. Jamuna Pai. She runs her own clinic, The Cosmetic and Laser Center in Sector 5, Panchkula. A keen medical learner, she also happens to be an ardent baker and black coffee addict.


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How To Clean Your Makeup & Makeup Brushes

Guys, I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes. Clean them as often as possible to avoid dust, dirt, makeup and bacteria from building up. It’s unhygienic to not clean your brushes and the skin on the face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and you don’t want to break out! 😱🚫❌ Continue reading “How To Clean Your Makeup & Makeup Brushes”