Morning Coffee

I love the mornings.

I love everything about them.

I love the serenity that comes with the promise of a new day. I love the light breeze that wafts through the air given the world a dream like quality. I love the vow of new beginnings and new opportunities. I love the feeling of being calm when I sit out on the balcony right before the birds start chirping to signal the new day. I love the freedom. I love the euphoria that washes away the worries of the day. I absolutely love myself in the mornings. Continue reading “Morning Coffee”

The Night the Addicts Missed Out On an Olympic Contender & a Davis Cup Winner

Once upon a time, in a small, beautiful city, two coffee addicts decided to have a fun night out and let loose for a while. So much for letting loose, the addicts decided on a ton of selfies, a lot of makeup, a few drinks, and a bit of frivolous judgement.

The addicts were happily dancing when one whispered to the other, “dude those guys won’t stop staring at us.” The other one said, “just look away, just look away. Such creeps. When will people learn to live and let live?” They realised they were being hypocrites but you know, so what. As the night progressed, the staring and smiling continued and it only made the addicts more conscious and weirded out. They couldn’t help but notice the fact that the men were tall, dark, and handsome. Unfortunately, they had already been branded as creeps. Continue reading “The Night the Addicts Missed Out On an Olympic Contender & a Davis Cup Winner”

Just Another Coffee


“Ma’am your coffee”, while I nodded and smiled my habitual big fat smile at the waiter and said a curt “thank you”, and proceeded to stir my coffee with a straw, while staring out of the window. It was an interesting pick off the menu, a Cookie Dough Spice Latte, not my go to Iced Americano, but I settled for the surprise. I took my diary and started to doodle my name while I sipped the coffee from a blue and pink swirl striped paper straw. Paper straws don’t last too long, I thought, it’s going to disintegrate soon. But it wasn’t a big deal, since I planned to leave quickly after downing my coffee. Continue reading “Just Another Coffee”