The Single Girl Perspective: The Reality of Indian Weddings – Things People Say

Choc-a-block was our November and December with Big Fat Indian Weddings and our dates were *drum roll please* EACH OTHER. And after the excitement, entertainment, selfies, and indulging in some real good food was over, we started noticing a inevitable pattern. No matter where we went, or who we spoke to, it was almost like all the people, specifically Aunties  (sorry Aunties, we still love you), had a script they adhered to. And we were target practice!

Amongst the many things we had to listen to, the following are a few that we had to bear the brunt of, over and over and over again and what our thoughts were. Phew! Continue reading “The Single Girl Perspective: The Reality of Indian Weddings – Things People Say”

Cheeky Cocktails!

“Cocktails, please..?!”

I think I can go out on a limb here and say that the art of concocting a cocktail is one of extreme finesse, technique and accuracy. Or as you all know, a favourite word of mine, an artistry.

Why then, do we take cocktails for granted. It’s a lot like baking, once the measurement is out of the window, the key essence of the cocktail is lost, leaving you with just a mix of tinctures, yet the paradox of this rather technical art, lies in its scope to mix and match, alter and create potions, hybrids and combinations as per your taste, mood and interest! Continue reading “Cheeky Cocktails!”

September Jukebox

There are songs that I’ve been listening to neurotically and will continue to do so till I’m overly sick of them. So I decided to share my playlist of this month. Know that I’m listening to these songs repeatedly and pushing others to do the same. I hope that my eclectic taste will lend some spice to your day! So enjoy these songs ladies and gentlemen!

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8 Things To Do in 2 Days in Madrid

Hellloooo my lovelies! I’m going to try and keep it short! But when spending two days in Madrid, here’s a list of must-dos in this beautiful city! Let me jump right into it then ladies and gents!

  • Breakfast at San Gines: Hot Chocolate and Churros

I like to think of this as the breakfast of champions. I wandered into this cafe having heard great things about it and it was at capacity. I mean people standing and eating. That’s how full it was. I ended up sitting with this one guy and making a friend but that was really the only way I could enjoy my beautiful breakfast. But trust me, the wait was worth it! I’m going to let the picture do the rest of the talking. Continue reading “8 Things To Do in 2 Days in Madrid”

Rakhi Katha

Here’s wishing all our readers a very Happy Rakhsha Bandhan!

Siblings are frustrating. Know-it-all elder sisters, pesky little brothers, bullying big ones, overprotective ones. There’s always teasing, sniffling, snitching, sharing, borrowing, breaking, side-taking. As we crawl past toddler-hood, jostle one another through childhood, mope into teenage angst and emerge, somewhat baffled and bruised by the transition, into adult life, we come to know each other onlWhatsApp Image 2016-08-18 at 5.16.43 PMy too well and we get especially good at knowing how to wind each other up. There’s no airs and graces amongst siblings. These are relationships of tears and tantrums, just as much as of fun and laughter. Continue reading “Rakhi Katha”

That All Time Favourite Car Playlist

Often I’ve found myself drumming the steering wheel and singing like a popstar, wearing sunglasses amidst traffic jams, red lights or cruising down city beautiful. Which by the way is an everyday phenomenon.

Being someone who absolutely loves to run errands, being out and about comes naturally to me. Of course, there’s a black to white and a yin to yang (which reminds me where’s the gin to my tonic..!?) and in this case it comes with a 20 minute drive on an average, with mostly ads playing on the radio and if I’m lucky, a song which I don’t even care about. 🙁 Continue reading “That All Time Favourite Car Playlist”