12 90’s Styles That Need To Be Back In Your Wardrobe

The world moved forward but the world never forgot. Yes Ladies, if you’ve been a hoarder since the 1990’s, it’s a real good thing. They’re back! You’re entire 90’s wardrobe is back like an awesome blast from the past. Here’s 12 wardrobe styles that have arisen from the crypt.

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DIY Sweaters, For Mugs!

Its the typical North Indian winter. It’s cold. It’s lazy. And tis’ the season when you crave delicious hot beverages. So trying out my beloved Gayatri’s hot chocolate recipe, as a cure to my dull mood on a cold Thursday afternoon, seemed absolutely perfect. Let’s take a minute to appreciate what an amazing recipe it is and how any of you who haven’t yet tried it are missing out on a cup filled with goodness and chocolate and warm hot winter love! Those of you who are yet to try it, here is the link. http://twogirlsandcoffee.com/winter-hot-chocolate/   image   Anyhow, I had a small issue. And much heard in the typical Indian household too, “Chai thandi ho gayi!”. (For our non-hindi reader “The tea has gone cold!”). Disaster. No less. Either calls for reheating of the beverage, a task so unnecessary. Or gulping down your drink before it turns tepid. Or making another cup full that takes a whole lot of work. But there is a cure. And a rather cute one! A warmer or sweater for you mugs. Here’s a very very simple DIY to keep those mugs and cups warm this winter season! ❤️    image   DIY MUG SWEATER: *Christmas Season Special*  🌟🎄🎅🏼🎁🎉 1) Go buy yourself a pair of cheap but cute looking socks, winter prints, woolen, and bright and colorful ones works so well. 2) Now take your mug and fit into the top part of your new woolen sock, where the rim is snug, and nicely measure the length till the bottom rim of the mug. 2) Get a pair of scissors and cut the sock where it touches the bottom part of your mug. Make an inch long slit in the middle for the mug handle. 4) Now pour your hot beverage, and your DIY Sweater for your mug is ready. xoxo Tag us in pictures if you do try this little fun winter DIY activity. 🤓 @twogirlsandcoffee on instagram Or hashtag #twogirlsandcoffee #artistrybysahej   😊

Fashion For Any Music Festival But Nucleya For Now :)

Well hello my lovelies! Since Chandigarh is going to host a concert for what feels like the first time (is it?)… it seems just about fitting that I help you out with a few pointers regarding what to wear and what to definitely not bring out this festival season. Agreed or not, music festivals lay down the perfect atmosphere for endorphins and hormones to rage and the best way to put your best foot forward is to to give your inner beauty the best outer appearance EVER! So have a great time and let my Jiminy Cricket to your fashion be ever so adhered to! Continue reading “Fashion For Any Music Festival But Nucleya For Now :)”

Jasmine Bains LookBook

TGAC Feature of the Month

Here we offer you a fresh look at Indian Fashion! Having styled a handful of looks for Chandigarh’s designer girl, Jasmine Bains, we can say that her charm and poise is off the charts. Check out her beautiful range exclusively at Raya, Sector 7, Chandigarh or at Jasmine Bains Official (www.jasminebains.in). Her inspiration is classic traditional with a splash of modern elegant silhouettes. So all you pretty ladies willing to experiment this ‘Shaadi Season’, definitely check her out!


Jasmine Bains LookBook

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How to Wear Black on Black (Men)

Well hello my lovelies! We are very interested in the current dilemma of colors becoming the new black but the truth is that black is always going to be black and nobody is going to be able to take away the essence of this gorgeous color. Yes, I am biased. But you tell me who isn’t to their favorites! You will hardly ever see me out of black and to me, a man can never make a better impression unless he’s able to pull off this color with class and grace like no other. Continue reading “How to Wear Black on Black (Men)”