Winter Hot Chocolate

So I have a thing about winters. I’m not the biggest fan of them. Rather I look like one awkward penguin or rather polar bear right when November begins. My fluffy blankets, oversized sweaters, furry slippers, and any other overly warmth providing item seem to never leave my side. That’s just one of my many quirks. I love to hate the winters.


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Netflix (India) Shows You Might’ve Missed But Are Worth The Watch

netflix-to-reveal-plans-for-its-launch-in-indiaApart from the evergreen Narcos, Arrow, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and other super duper hits that all of us watch on Netflix, below are the gems that I’ve found that I love to binge out on! They are different and definitely worth the watch. Check these out and let me know what you think! Continue reading “Netflix (India) Shows You Might’ve Missed But Are Worth The Watch”

Cheeky Cocktails!

“Cocktails, please..?!”

I think I can go out on a limb here and say that the art of concocting a cocktail is one of extreme finesse, technique and accuracy. Or as you all know, a favourite word of mine, an artistry.

Why then, do we take cocktails for granted. It’s a lot like baking, once the measurement is out of the window, the key essence of the cocktail is lost, leaving you with just a mix of tinctures, yet the paradox of this rather technical art, lies in its scope to mix and match, alter and create potions, hybrids and combinations as per your taste, mood and interest! Continue reading “Cheeky Cocktails!”

Top 9 Mouthwatering Desserts In Chandigarh

Hello my lovelies! This past week was quite hard on my soul. Let’s just leave it at that and the only things that made anything worth appreciating were… you guessed it… DESSERTS! And not just any desserts, these are worth every penny spent, every diet forgotten, and every fast broken! 

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Not Your Ordinary Chocolate Chip Cookies



Yes I’m hyper and excited. And yes I’m shouting. But this is perfection with a cup of coffee, guys. I’m drooling already hahaha.

Every now and then we need that hit of indulgence. For our souls. And what’s better than food. And to be precise, decadent chocolate. And that’s why my beautiful people, whether you want to enjoy a cookie, celebrate something, sulk and eat till you feel better or need a little something to brighten your day or your loved ones, here’s a tried and tested crayyyzayyy recipe. 😍

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Favourite Movies to Indulge in When Bored and Craving Adventure

Alright my lovelies!! Its blistering hot outside and whilst you are stuck in the confines of your house this summer (much like moiself), do not just be creative and garner muscle in the gym. Let loose in front of the idiot box once in a while or be like me and have the telly on all the time in the background. Well the telly and I are best friends! Can’t let go of my best friend, can I people?

Anyways… while I continue to get snapchats from my friends on faraway islands, I get rather adventure thirsty and well I end up spending the humid afternoon watching an exciting adventure with my best friend 😉

So I thought that I should share with all you gorgeous people all the amazing movies that help me live vicariously through them. Oh the adventure boiling and tipping over in these movies is enough to get me riled up enough to go for a run by the lake or anything other than sitting and gorging on cake really.

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