DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub



I have been having moments with concocting beauty products from the contents of my kitchen! Since I’ve grown up using the kitchen as a space for beauty products, besides being a rather fun activity, it saves a ton of money and a natural, organic way to nourish the skin.

This DIY lemon and sugar scrub beauty obsession can be used on both your face and body.  Continue reading “DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub”

Jasmine Bains LookBook

TGAC Feature of the Month

Here we offer you a fresh look at Indian Fashion! Having styled a handful of looks for Chandigarh’s designer girl, Jasmine Bains, we can say that her charm and poise is off the charts. Check out her beautiful range exclusively at Raya, Sector 7, Chandigarh or at Jasmine Bains Official ( Her inspiration is classic traditional with a splash of modern elegant silhouettes. So all you pretty ladies willing to experiment this ‘Shaadi Season’, definitely check her out!


Jasmine Bains LookBook

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A Day As A Doctor


da59c667-2c07-4817-a784-b91e5e8a3268TGAC Weekly Digest

So who’s down for some insight about a day in the life of a doctor by our lovely guest writer Simran Randhawa.

Simran is qualified as a MBBS from DMC Ludhiana and is doing her General Surgery Residency at Albert Einstein Hospital, Philadelphia, USA. She loves her multiple cups of tea through the day and enjoys the perks of having a free Starbucks at the hospital. DUH!

A Day As A Doctor

by Simran Randhawa


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Artistry By Sahej


An art.

And also literally an obsession for me, hence compelling me to pursue it professionally; namely fashion, editorial and bridal makeup. The feeling I get when I see someone’s reaction after having done their makeup because they just can’t stop seeing themselves in the mirror..priceless! 👑🎀 Makeup is not about changing how you look, but about feeling good about yourself and enhancing the canvas that you already have. Continue reading “Artistry By Sahej”

Not Your Ordinary Chocolate Chip Cookies



Yes I’m hyper and excited. And yes I’m shouting. But this is perfection with a cup of coffee, guys. I’m drooling already hahaha.

Every now and then we need that hit of indulgence. For our souls. And what’s better than food. And to be precise, decadent chocolate. And that’s why my beautiful people, whether you want to enjoy a cookie, celebrate something, sulk and eat till you feel better or need a little something to brighten your day or your loved ones, here’s a tried and tested crayyyzayyy recipe. 😍

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Easy To Do Vintage Messy Bun


Looking prim and proper all the time is never possible and too much pressure. Don’t you all agree?

Even though I believe it’s always good to take out time to get ready in peace, we all have those days where there is just no damn time and you have to be somewhere. You can literally hear the clock ticking.

Buns and top knots. That’s the answer for when you don’t have time to wash and style your hair. So a pretty little messy bun always looks good for any occasion making you look so put together and effortlessly chic. Continue reading “Easy To Do Vintage Messy Bun”

Favourite Movies to Indulge in When Bored and Craving Adventure

Alright my lovelies!! Its blistering hot outside and whilst you are stuck in the confines of your house this summer (much like moiself), do not just be creative and garner muscle in the gym. Let loose in front of the idiot box once in a while or be like me and have the telly on all the time in the background. Well the telly and I are best friends! Can’t let go of my best friend, can I people?

Anyways… while I continue to get snapchats from my friends on faraway islands, I get rather adventure thirsty and well I end up spending the humid afternoon watching an exciting adventure with my best friend 😉

So I thought that I should share with all you gorgeous people all the amazing movies that help me live vicariously through them. Oh the adventure boiling and tipping over in these movies is enough to get me riled up enough to go for a run by the lake or anything other than sitting and gorging on cake really.

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Everyday Skin Care Regime

Hi my lovelies! Today I’d like to talk about my skin care regime and its importance in our lives. All us makeup addicts have to be real careful of how we take care of our skin or we end up clogging our pores and the result henceforth is nothing short of horrifying. To prevent skin mishaps everyone must adopt a skin care regime that suit them the most. 

Over a few years of trial and error, I have a routine that suits me the best. Hope it helps you out as well! Continue reading “Everyday Skin Care Regime”

Food Ideas For Clean Eating

Food! 💕😍 Don’t we all just love it. It’s not just a necessity for living, good food is a necessity for our souls!

Growing up food has been a very important part of my life, and I can proudly say I love to cook and bake. If only we could live on such food and have great bodies. If only! 🤔

But don’t we all get that overwhelming feeling of guilt when you overindulge and eat more calories that you should have! This led me to come up with some low fat, low carb versions of foods I loved. 💡💁🏻

I’m also including a table of foods that are low in calories to help you improvise.💯✅ Continue reading “Food Ideas For Clean Eating”

Your Fitness Regime Guide For A Better Body

Guys it’s summer and everyone is worried about a good summer body! And no sooner it’s going to be winter and wedding season will be on a high and you need that body to fit into all your Indian wear. Eeesh no respite haan!

Photoshopped models on magazine covers and starved on one coffee and cigarettes a day runway models make us all feel inadequate, but with a beauty and glam team that a Victoria’s Secret model has and the hours of editing that goes into their pictures, understand that it is not a beauty standard you need to reach! It’s their job to look that way, you need to focus instead on being healthy! Plus everyone has a unique bone structure and unique genetics, embrace it and be the best you, you are capable of being!

The key to a healthy and fit body is moderation. And that what will help you shed off all that extra unwanted weight. Even though I will say embrace your body, don’t be too hard on it and love yourself, I do believe that a good fitness regime and a moderately healthy diet will not only make you look good but also feel good about yourself. Continue reading “Your Fitness Regime Guide For A Better Body”