A Day As A Doctor


da59c667-2c07-4817-a784-b91e5e8a3268TGAC Weekly Digest

So who’s down for some insight about a day in the life of a doctor by our lovely guest writer Simran Randhawa.

Simran is qualified as a MBBS from DMC Ludhiana and is doing her General Surgery Residency at Albert Einstein Hospital, Philadelphia, USA. She loves her multiple cups of tea through the day and enjoys the perks of having a free Starbucks at the hospital. DUH!

A Day As A Doctor

by Simran Randhawa


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TGAC Weekly Digest: Guest Writer Asees

Courtesy: Instagram @sandhuasees
Courtesy: Instagram @sandhuasees


TGAC Weekly Digest

We have a surprise!
So who’s down for some food for thought by our lovely guest writer Asees Sandhu

Asees is qualified as an MBA from England and is now a wife, homemaker, decorator and fashion blogger residing currently in Abu Dhabi. She loves food, travel, reading, cooking and of course you guessed it, coffee. When not busy, she loves to read a good book at a coffee shop overlooking the ocean on the Corniche in her city. Continue reading “TGAC Weekly Digest: Guest Writer Asees”

Reality of Drunk Driving

The Y-generation is enamoured with the idea of instant gratification and use ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘YOLO’ as basic principles. We often use such attitudes in social settings leading to harmful behaviour like drinking and driving. 

According to The Hindu, “Road accidents are a leading cause of death amongst ages 15 to 29 and in India, 72% of these deaths is due to drunken driving.” Having personally borne witness to a loss of a family member and friends involved in accidents wherein the driver was not in their senses, makes this issue close to my heart.  Continue reading “Reality of Drunk Driving”