Two Girls And Dr. Mehak



TGAC Sunday Special

Delight Your Skin

Are you gearin’ up for the wedding season? Head out to Dr. Mehak for some skin rejuvenation!

Dr. Mehak Gupta is qualified as a Dentist and now is also a cosmetologist certified by Mumbai’s Dr. Jamuna Pai. She runs her own clinic, The Cosmetic and Laser Center in Sector 5, Panchkula. A keen medical learner, she also happens to be an ardent baker and black coffee addict.


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DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub



I have been having moments with concocting beauty products from the contents of my kitchen! Since I’ve grown up using the kitchen as a space for beauty products, besides being a rather fun activity, it saves a ton of money and a natural, organic way to nourish the skin.

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Everyday Skin Care Regime

Hi my lovelies! Today I’d like to talk about my skin care regime and its importance in our lives. All us makeup addicts have to be real careful of how we take care of our skin or we end up clogging our pores and the result henceforth is nothing short of horrifying. To prevent skin mishaps everyone must adopt a skin care regime that suit them the most. 

Over a few years of trial and error, I have a routine that suits me the best. Hope it helps you out as well! Continue reading “Everyday Skin Care Regime”