Cheeky Cocktails!

“Cocktails, please..?!”

I think I can go out on a limb here and say that the art of concocting a cocktail is one of extreme finesse, technique and accuracy. Or as you all know, a favourite word of mine, an artistry.

Why then, do we take cocktails for granted. It’s a lot like baking, once the measurement is out of the window, the key essence of the cocktail is lost, leaving you with just a mix of tinctures, yet the paradox of this rather technical art, lies in its scope to mix and match, alter and create potions, hybrids and combinations as per your taste, mood and interest! Continue reading “Cheeky Cocktails!”

Fashion For Any Music Festival But Nucleya For Now :)

Well hello my lovelies! Since Chandigarh is going to host a concert for what feels like the first time (is it?)… it seems just about fitting that I help you out with a few pointers regarding what to wear and what to definitely not bring out this festival season. Agreed or not, music festivals lay down the perfect atmosphere for endorphins and hormones to rage and the best way to put your best foot forward is to to give your inner beauty the best outer appearance EVER! So have a great time and let my Jiminy Cricket to your fashion be ever so adhered to! Continue reading “Fashion For Any Music Festival But Nucleya For Now :)”

The Gaah Story – So Far

TGAC Feature of the Month

For the first time, a detailed coverage about our homegrown talents! So here’s a story about a movement you are all familiar with!

Having travelled the length and breadth of the country attending various music festivals (Ragasthan, Ziro, NH7, Sunburn to name a few). Sahil studied Engineering in Pune and Delhi where the musical exposure is monumental. He played with a couple of bands as their drummer.

Karan studied Hospitality and Management from Aurangabad. He spent his formative teenage years listening to Bob Dylan and the likes and honed his taste and love for music and the guitar! Continue reading “The Gaah Story – So Far”