A Day As A Doctor


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So who’s down for some insight about a day in the life of a doctor by our lovely guest writer Simran Randhawa.

Simran is qualified as a MBBS from DMC Ludhiana and is doing her General Surgery Residency at Albert Einstein Hospital, Philadelphia, USA. She loves her multiple cups of tea through the day and enjoys the perks of having a free Starbucks at the hospital. DUH!

A Day As A Doctor

by Simran Randhawa



“Is it 4 am already?”, is what I say to myself every morning when my alarm rings and I begin a new day filled with unceasing surprises. As I run around my apartment getting ready and drive to the hospital with a cup of tea in one hand and my breakfast sandwich in the other, yet somehow mastering the art of driving with a few fingers, I know my drive to work will be the most calm twenty minutes I have to myself today. The moment I step foot in the hospital, my beeper is going crazy trying to catch up to all the traumas and emergencies from the prior night. It always makes me wonder, what a savage world we live in.
It is 7 am now and I have rounded on all my patients and managed to avoid any major surprises so far. Hunger pangs are kicking in but I have to make sure I meet and greet the guy I’m about to cut open in half an hour. It is fascinating and scary at the same time how a man who would trust no one, becomes so susceptible within the four walls of the hospital and consents his life away to you. After a few surgeries, I grab a quick lunch as they are about to take the next patient in to the operating room. I greet him while he is already high on the anesthesia “cocktail” and will probably never remember what we just talked about.
“16 more hours to go”, I tell myself at 5 pm after a whole day of surgeries and floor work. It’s Friday and I can see the excitement in the eyes of my colleagues leaving to enjoy their evenings, whilst I hold on to their beepers. “Are you ready for the mayhem tonight?” I tell the other fortunate souls stuck within the hospital on a clear Friday night anticipating foolish drunk drivers and imprudent drug addicts putting innocent lives under danger.
“But we haven’t talked all day!” “And that is why I love you”, I tell the boyfriend thanking him for being so understanding as I run down to the ER for a trauma. I close my eyes while the patient is getting a CT scan knowing this is the only rest I’m getting tonight. Between endless calls from the nurses and ER traumas, my night passes in a jiffy and the sun has risen already. I hand off the respective beepers and I feel sixty lives lighter. After rounds I sip on some tea to get me through the drive home. I lay in bed and smile as I think about how blessed I am to be able to do what I do and how I can never get enough of it.

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