That All Time Favourite Car Playlist

Often I’ve found myself drumming the steering wheel and singing like a popstar, wearing sunglasses amidst traffic jams, red lights or cruising down city beautiful. Which by the way is an everyday phenomenon.

Being someone who absolutely loves to run errands, being out and about comes naturally to me. Of course, there’s a black to white and a yin to yang (which reminds me where’s the gin to my tonic..!?) and in this case it comes with a 20 minute drive on an average, with mostly ads playing on the radio and if I’m lucky, a song which I don’t even care about. 🙁

This led me to have a backup playlist which has been a saviour and my 20 minute go-to. This is not a playlist of current songs or current favourites, but more of an all time favourite car playlist! It’s one of those playlists that won’t make me switch back to the radio time and again for my fear of missing out on a new hit Punjabi song does gets the better of me. 😉

Courtesy: Instagram @sahejsandhu
      Courtesy: Instagram @sahejsandhu

So here’s a top 20 minute all time favourite car playlist:
1) Genie in a bottle -Christina Aguilera
2) Kiss Me Through The Phone -Soulja Boy
3) Mambo No. 5 -Lou Bega
4) When You Say Nothing At All -Ronan Keating
5) La Vida Loca -Ricky Martin
6) Casablanca -Bertie Higgins
7) Maria Maria -Carlos Santana
8) Dancing Queen -Abba
So it’s a playlist roughly about 25 minutes long. There is certain charm about songs that you don’t feel the need to change perhaps because you have grown up listening to them. Therefore, my happy car playlist is what it is! 😀

Well, what can I say, I’m a 90’s child.


Comment below and share what all time favourite car songs you love, be it old and gold, classics, or the news and the blues!

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