Favourite Movies to Indulge in When Bored and Craving Adventure

Alright my lovelies!! Its blistering hot outside and whilst you are stuck in the confines of your house this summer (much like moiself), do not just be creative and garner muscle in the gym. Let loose in front of the idiot box once in a while or be like me and have the telly on all the time in the background. Well the telly and I are best friends! Can’t let go of my best friend, can I people?

Anyways… while I continue to get snapchats from my friends on faraway islands, I get rather adventure thirsty and well I end up spending the humid afternoon watching an exciting adventure with my best friend 😉

So I thought that I should share with all you gorgeous people all the amazing movies that help me live vicariously through them. Oh the adventure boiling and tipping over in these movies is enough to get me riled up enough to go for a run by the lake or anything other than sitting and gorging on cake really.

Well without further ado (drum roll please)… here is the list of the movies:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Series

  • Harry Potter Series

  • Sherlock Holmes (I & II)

  • Bourne Legacy Series

  • Lord of the Rings Series

  • Lord of War

  • Die Hard Series

  • Miami Vice

  • The Dark Knight

  • American Gangster

  • Deep Blue Sea

  • Mysterious Island

  • Chronicles of Narnia Series

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Man of Steel

  • Sweeney Todd

  • Zombieland (For British lovers: Doghouse)

  • Fast and Furious

  • Three Musketeers

  • Troy

  • Van Helsing

  • Underworld Series

  • Tomb Raider Series

  • Jurassic Park (ALL)

  • Indiana Jones Series

  • Back to the Future Series

  • King Kong

  • Life of PI

  • Percy Jackson Series

Well there you have it my lovelies! Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Comment below if you think there is any movie you think deserves a spot on the list! Its a beautiful day to learn something new and if something captures your attention be sure to include me on any social media portal with a #tgac and #gayatrilearnssomething

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