Your Fitness Regime Guide For A Better Body

Guys it’s summer and everyone is worried about a good summer body! And no sooner it’s going to be winter and wedding season will be on a high and you need that body to fit into all your Indian wear. Eeesh no respite haan!

Photoshopped models on magazine covers and starved on one coffee and cigarettes a day runway models make us all feel inadequate, but with a beauty and glam team that a Victoria’s Secret model has and the hours of editing that goes into their pictures, understand that it is not a beauty standard you need to reach! It’s their job to look that way, you need to focus instead on being healthy! Plus everyone has a unique bone structure and unique genetics, embrace it and be the best you, you are capable of being!

The key to a healthy and fit body is moderation. And that what will help you shed off all that extra unwanted weight. Even though I will say embrace your body, don’t be too hard on it and love yourself, I do believe that a good fitness regime and a moderately healthy diet will not only make you look good but also feel good about yourself.

So here is a list of workout and diet pointers that may help those of you looking for some weightloss!

  • Cardio- If it’s not getting your heart racing it’s not working. Whether it is a brisk walk, a jog, a run, a fitness or dance class, try and work with at least 20 minutes of cardio to begin with. Increase your cardio intensity slowly in the days to come.image
  • Raw Body Exercises- A great way to tone the body along with cardio. For those of you who do not want to weight train, this is perfect as it makes you use your own body weight to carve and strengthen muscles. Try raw squats for a great booty, plank for a great core, and on the spot sprints etc.
  • Weight Training- You don’t have to pump iron in double figures to get your muscles to tone. Start with low weights and focus on reps and sets rather than the weight you pick. Try bicep curls, triceps kickbacks etc., and kettle bell squats for light, but effective muscle timing exercises.
  • Stretching- This one is SO important. Most people undervalue its importance. Not only does it elongate and stretch out your muscles, it helps to even out the fat layer in your body. This is great for making your body look super curvaceous!
  • Eat Greens- Eating clean is super important, but in the process make sure you get your fair share of greens. Full of iron and antioxidants, roughage and vitamins, a bowl full of salad with spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, steamed broccoli and green beans with some low fat dressing is a great fuel for your body. Get creative with your food. (For more clean eating ideas do check out our Food Ideas For Clean Eating article in the Fitness Section!)image
  • Carbs- This is rather underrated and often made to seem like the bane of a fitness regime. I’m not saying go gaga over carbs, but the primary fuel for your body is from grains. These are good carbs. Eat a moderate portion of your brown rice, brown bread, chappati or even muesli etc. No fuel means no energy for your workout.
  • Protein- You knew this was coming. We all love our chicken and mutton, but eating the right protein is everything. Avoid processed meats like salami and fatty meat cuts like bacon. Instead have lean portions of chicken and fish which is white meat and packed with protein that is crucial for muscle building.
  • Oil- I know this sounds crazy but those of you who feel that losing weight means no oil, no butter, no ghee, you guys are in for a surprise. One, you don’t want to get old and having creaking joints, do you? Two, a bit of healthy fat in your food is fine. It’s tricks your mind into making you feel full this prevents your body from going into starvation mode.
  • DO NOT STARVE- Crash dieting may seem like a great idea, but all you lose is water weight and it will come back faster than you can imagine. The body will hold on to even a single calorie you eat and tune it into fat, rather than burning it as fuel. So NO starving. NO crash dieting.
  • Moderation- Done beat yourself up. Eat what you like every now and then. I’m not saying go wild and eat a tub of icecream while watching an episode of Game Of Thrones, but one small scoop won’t hurt. Moderation is key.
  • Portioning- This is a great way to lose weight yet to not starve. Portion your servings to small fistful size servings. This way you eat more often, but end up eating less. It makes your metabolism faster, hence a better utilization of the calories you put into your body.
  • Mindfulness- Be calm. Try and deep breath and meditate. Just a few minutes of deep breathing can help you better your breathing and give you mental clarity.image

So here are a few ways to help you reach a fitter, healthier. Don’t lose hope, keep at it and believein yourself. It’s fine if you slip, just get back on it. Results take time so be patient and work hard.

And remember, it takes 13 hours to build a Toyota, and 6 months to build a Rolls Royce!

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