The Gaah Story – So Far

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For the first time, a detailed coverage about our homegrown talents! So here’s a story about a movement you are all familiar with!

Having travelled the length and breadth of the country attending various music festivals (Ragasthan, Ziro, NH7, Sunburn to name a few). Sahil studied Engineering in Pune and Delhi where the musical exposure is monumental. He played with a couple of bands as their drummer.

Karan studied Hospitality and Management from Aurangabad. He spent his formative teenage years listening to Bob Dylan and the likes and honed his taste and love for music and the guitar!


The Gaah Story – So Far!

by Karan and Sahil Bajaj


The Musician & Audiophile Brothers


Upon returning to Chandigarh in 2013, seeing the upcoming music culture and the increasing affinity of the people for live music, the brothers decided it was time to bridge the gap between artists from all over the country and the citizens of the city with a massive leap in November 2013 at the erstwhile S Lounge with Humble the Poet. The first event was a tremendous success, but it was not one without it’s roadblocks and challenges. Venue Owners in the city were skeptical of such an act and such an experimental business model. But once the first event and the team proved their mettle, there was no looking back.

Since then, Gaah has worked with industry big-wigs such as Nucelya, Reggae Rajahs, Madboy/Mink, Dualist Inquiry, and many more. Also, the collaborations with local musicians from Chandigarh and Punjab included Baba Bass (an act curated by Gaah in early 2016), Zorawat Singh and his Qawwal Troupe, Miracle Drugg and others.

Gaah has been dedicated towards developing an “experiential” model of events, which was non-existent in this part of the country. Ever since, their focus has always been on delivering a different experience with each event, from the music to its visuals, effects and the entire ambience with the main focus being the artist and sound. The main driving force has been to give the artist their due credit, which has been elusive in our country. Gaah has also worked with multiple venues across the tricity, including, Satva, F-Bar, Blue Blazer and the Forest Hill Resort. The resort hosted the first edition of the Gaah Socials, in collaboration with Mercedes Benz. This launch introduced the new C Class. It gave back to their core-supporters a “thank you” for the support that Gaah had received in their very first year.

In 2015, the brothers were given an opportunity to create, curate, manage and operate a new venue, The S Café and Bar, which has now become one of the most popular of social venues of Chandigarh. For the past three years, Gaah has exposed the city to new and fresh genres of music ranging from hip-hop, trap, drum-n-bass to reggae, rock and even qawwali!

Spearheading a movement which has garnered a strong following, proving ‘awaam jaag raha hai’ – the mass is awakening. They plan to make the future ‘gaahtastic’ with their vision. They’re talking about a revolution, which has attained pace for now. They plan to make the future bright and prosperous, with a strong and active community that would be able to sustain the vision that Gaah has presented.


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