TGAC Weekly Digest: Guest Writer Asees

Courtesy: Instagram @sandhuasees
Courtesy: Instagram @sandhuasees


TGAC Weekly Digest

We have a surprise!
So who’s down for some food for thought by our lovely guest writer Asees Sandhu

Asees is qualified as an MBA from England and is now a wife, homemaker, decorator and fashion blogger residing currently in Abu Dhabi. She loves food, travel, reading, cooking and of course you guessed it, coffee. When not busy, she loves to read a good book at a coffee shop overlooking the ocean on the Corniche in her city.

Identity and Recognition

by Asees Sandhu



Identity, how does one recognise a person. Yes there are differences that are obvious..she is a woman, he is a man, beauty, sexual preference are subjective of course.

Recognition is attained by whose definition of success? So unless you are a CEO you’re not successful. Until you finish an MBA, your business knowledge is incomplete. Until you marry you’re not complete, yet, if you become a doctor as a woman you worked so hard. If you become a doctor as a man in the same capacity should it be lesser a recognition? If you become an engineer as a woman you did something different, if you like off roading as a woman you’re unusual or cool. And if you like kitty parties and going to a beauty parlour you’re usual.
I cook..for my husband. And why? Not because I am a wife, but because I love him and care for his health. I make the bed because I am a compulsive for neatness, not because he wouldn’t but because I may not like the way he does.
My question is why? How and who defines this recognition?
Is it not enough that I AM I. However I may be a man, woman, gay, lesbian. With an income or without one. Fit. Unfit. How can anyone define that my life path is less treasured or worthwhile as compared to another?
As an emotional individual I recognise success as the smiles I put on someone’s face in a day. I can afford this judgement because I am fortunate enough to have my bills paid yes. But would I be greedy for owning the best of everything if I had to work as a definition of success, definitely not. Let a person be! Respect them for who they are as is. Refrain from letting them know why your choice of life is correct.
My life is my choice if you don’t like my choices you have the choice to not have me in your life! And be a honest and good one at that.
Thank you.

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