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Here we offer you a fresh look at Indian Fashion! Having styled a handful of looks for Chandigarh’s designer girl, Jasmine Bains, we can say that her charm and poise is off the charts. Check out her beautiful range exclusively at Raya, Sector 7, Chandigarh or at Jasmine Bains Official (www.jasminebains.in). Her inspiration is classic traditional with a splash of modern elegant silhouettes. So all you pretty ladies willing to experiment this ‘Shaadi Season’, definitely check her out!


Jasmine Bains LookBook

by The Coffee Addicts


“The Stimulation of Her Creativity”


The day for us coffee addicts started off as pretty usual. After a rather hectic Wednesday afternoon, we wandered into a rather soothing store (@rayalifestyle) for some respite from our schedule, for some unanticipated retail therapy.

The rather calm atmosphere of the store had us browsing through the racks as the rain got worse outside, “Let’s wait for 5 minutes before we leave?” “Yes for sure, the rain might also clear up by then.” Little did we know we’d be making ourselves just way too comfortable for the next hour or so!

The next thing we knew, the browsing turned into rather hyper and enjoyable trial sessions.

We decided to play around with a few of the outfits from our lovely designer, Jasmine’s label and see how we could style them as per our taste and creativity. The end result, we were like two kids with a sugar rush left to their own will in a candy store!

The exciting part was not just the clothes but the versatility we found in Jasmine’s line. Ranging from classic and intricate Indian karigari, there were chic crop tops and pants that made our hearts almost skip a beat, one for the sheer cleanliness of the silhouette of the clothing, and second for realising that shaadi season is round the corner and we need to to take it easy on those calories if we want to rock that crop top or that super pretty dress haha!

Taste is subjective. And the end result was how we styled the pieces we picked out. Lack of time and curious glares didn’t dampen our spirits to style more looks, rather only made us mix and match pieces from the versatile collection.

The end result, both of us settling with pretty net duppatas as our final purchase, (we cannot even begin to explain how hard it was not to want to buy the entire store!), both similar with crystals and hand karigari, a dusty rose pink and a mellow yellow.

P.S. Thank you to the Raya staff for the amazing cups of coffee that kept our hyper selves up and running! We will be back, sooner than you would think. 🙂

Jasmine in her element
Jasmine in her element









Let us give you a preview of what happened when the rack of Jasmine Bains’s classic, feminine, and elegant collection, at the breathtaking store, was raided by us coffee addicted crazies, rendering a quirky Jasmine Bains Official LookBook by us.

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To know more about Jasmine’s line follow her on Instagram @jasminebainsofficial, Facebook – Jasmine Bains.

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Chandigarh, India

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  1. Good taste, good looks, good environment, and good spirits….. what could be better. Good luck to you all. Harry Sandhu.

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