Morning Coffee

I love the mornings.

I love everything about them.

I love the serenity that comes with the promise of a new day. I love the light breeze that wafts through the air given the world a dream like quality. I love the vow of new beginnings and new opportunities. I love the feeling of being calm when I sit out on the balcony right before the birds start chirping to signal the new day. I love the freedom. I love the euphoria that washes away the worries of the day. I absolutely love myself in the mornings.

It is the time of the day when I believe that the world is magical and anything is possible. So if I want to be anything or anyone, the possibilities are endless when the world is seeing the first sunlight after the dead of the night. Growing up I used to love being able to run at this time of the day. The world seemed so within my grasp with all its enchantments and how everything changed from just one minute to the next. But always, there is a moment just before the breaking of the trance that I seem to be in wherein everything stops and in that moment the ethereal and beautiful world seems not so overbearing after all.

Meditation is sought after heavily in this day and age. Most people try to attain the sense of serenity by meditation in the classes they take or by just falling asleep in such classrooms (just kidding!). But for me, it has always been away from everything and everyone. Just for those ten minutes right before the world wakes up. Right before the sunlight gets over the horizon. Those are the minutes of true tranquility for me. And that is the time I am most at peace. 

Peace is not hard to attain. Look within yourself and see if you are the happiest alone, with family, with friends, or with your pets. Try to give yourself those ten minutes of your day where nothing else matters. Just you! No phones, tablets, laptops, or even conversation. Just you and your thoughts. See where you stand! Do you like who are today? Would you repeat this day and still do everything you did? Would you try to better yourself? This is what you will think about. This introspection will make you stronger and grow into your own person. Try it out! 

10 minutes a day will help you regroup your thoughts. Why give anyone else those ten minutes? They are yours and yours alone.

Courtesy: Gayatri’s Camera

Well there you have it my lovelies! My rambling for today comes to end. Think about what I said and let me know what you think in your comments below. Its a beautiful day to learn something new and if something captures your attention be sure to include me with #tgac and #gayatrilearnssomething

See you soon!

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