Netflix (India) Shows You Might’ve Missed But Are Worth The Watch

netflix-to-reveal-plans-for-its-launch-in-indiaApart from the evergreen Narcos, Arrow, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and other super duper hits that all of us watch on Netflix, below are the gems that I’ve found that I love to binge out on! They are different and definitely worth the watch. Check these out and let me know what you think!

Historical Drama

Going through Game of Thrones withdrawals? These shows can help you with some of those cravings. These are quick fixes to hold you over till the next season comes forth my children!


Ever wonder how the hotties in Scotland lived and waged war in 1800’s? This shows is based on the book series by Diana Gabaldon and is sure to play with your heart strings left, right, and center.

Marco Polo

Well he was an explorer in the 13th century. Have fun, my lovelies. Ain’t getting better than this.

Black Sails

There are pirates and treasure hunts. People don’t like them and they don’t like the world. Its all very Pirate-y and sooooo worth it!


The vikings pushed boundaries and this is the story of the first who pushed beyond their limits and how the legends were created. And Ragnar’s HOT!

Penny Dreadful

Intrigue, spirits, supernatural and the devil himself. How do Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, and Timothy Dalton tackle these? Watch to find out about the underworld of Victorian London.

Horror/Mystery/Thriller – Binge Worthy Beauties

These are my must watch. I have been know to sit and watch season after season of these on my days off. Like sit on the bed in my pajamas all day and watch episode after episode till the next day’s sun comes up haha.

The 100

Basically science fiction meets Robin Hood. What would this world after the nuclear war be like? Well this dystopian view will pretty much have you on your toes trying to figure out what’s next!

Hemlock Grove

 Horror and thriller comes to the town of Hemlock Grove in this series. Nothing is what it seems and secrets run amok. And well werewolves! 

Z Nation 

There are zombies everywhere. There is nuclear war. There is a transport team. There is a secret. The world needs a cure. Find out what unfolds. It’ll have you at the edge of your seat and shouting at the TV.


If this isn’t on your evergreen list of binge watching TV, then you’re living life wrong. Absolutely wrong.

Try being the son of a police officer and a psychopath with homicidal tendencies. How would you use these tendencies in a constructive manner? Dark and twisty gets a whole new meaning and its amazing. Just saying!

Bates Motel 

Talking about serial killers, remember Norman Bates? Thanks to Alfred Hitchcock, I doubt I slept a wink after I watched Psycho but the story is riveting. Learn what’s happening inside the brain of the iconic antagonist of the 20th century and how he became who he was in a journey not to miss.


Well there is murder, crime solving, personal issues, and tremendous acting. All in one package. If you’re comfortable with uneasy situations this show is as binge worthy as they come!

Marvel Sidekicks

I mean who doesn’t want some Marvel time. When comic book heroes find a way into the big or silver screen, I’m a happy person. And these two unlikely heroes make my heart happy! Happy binging people!

Jessica Jones

Our unlikely hero has personal issues the size of an anaconda’s appetite, which makes for an interesting save the day! Watch to find out more 🙂

Luke Cage

He’s rebuilding his life and he’s a superhero. Makes for good TV and he’s really good looking. Like I said really good TV 😉

So that right there was a little of what I presume would be helpful for your future binge watching! Stay chic, stay healthy, and for all new TV shows you find out about, let me hear about them by tagging me with #tgac and #gayatrilearnssomething 🙂

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