The Night the Addicts Missed Out On an Olympic Contender & a Davis Cup Winner

Once upon a time, in a small, beautiful city, two coffee addicts decided to have a fun night out and let loose for a while. So much for letting loose, the addicts decided on a ton of selfies, a lot of makeup, a few drinks, and a bit of frivolous judgement.

The addicts were happily dancing when one whispered to the other, “dude those guys won’t stop staring at us.” The other one said, “just look away, just look away. Such creeps. When will people learn to live and let live?” They realised they were being hypocrites but you know, so what. As the night progressed, the staring and smiling continued and it only made the addicts more conscious and weirded out. They couldn’t help but notice the fact that the men were tall, dark, and handsome. Unfortunately, they had already been branded as creeps.

The addicts downed their drinks, and exclaimed, “Its people like these that make me need a drink!” No sooner, a friend of the addicts came over to meet them. Upon greeting him, they invited him to stay and grab a drink which he politely declined. He reasoned that he had to leave with his friends who were waiting outside for him and explained that he was working with…*this is where they had mini heart attacks*…THE DAVIS CUP Association in Chandigarh. Well, it turns out the two men the addicts had tagged as creeps, were national tennis players, playing in the Davis Cup and were also Olympic Contenders!

The addicts were gobsmacked and entirely shocked over the fact that they so quickly judged two individuals that had done so well for themselves, so early in their lives. They learnt a valuable lesson that Saturday night.

Sometimes preconceived notions can lead you away from your Cinderella moment and if Disney princesses can give someone a chance after their first meeting, so should everybody else.

Co-authored by The Addicts


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