Reality of Drunk Driving

The Y-generation is enamoured with the idea of instant gratification and use ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘YOLO’ as basic principles. We often use such attitudes in social settings leading to harmful behaviour like drinking and driving. 

According to The Hindu, “Road accidents are a leading cause of death amongst ages 15 to 29 and in India, 72% of these deaths is due to drunken driving.” Having personally borne witness to a loss of a family member and friends involved in accidents wherein the driver was not in their senses, makes this issue close to my heart. 

Reality of Drunk Driving
Courtesy: Indian Express

Drunk driving is a serious offense often overlooked as a mistake made by youngsters. Underage driving and easy availability of alcohol to children is its major cause. Peer pressure and early parental consent allows teenagers and young adults to succumb to petty practices. 

Administration’s worked upon stricter implementation of laws to bring about a change in the aforementioned statistics. On Holi 2016, 33 drunken drivers were jailed for a month in Chandigarh as a measure to dissuade people from following unhealthy practices. Having seen family suffer the tragedy of losing a child, such vigilance seems the only way to end this social evil’s lifespan.

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