The Single Girl Perspective: The Reality of Indian Weddings – Things People Say

Choc-a-block was our November and December with Big Fat Indian Weddings and our dates were *drum roll please* EACH OTHER. And after the excitement, entertainment, selfies, and indulging in some real good food was over, we started noticing a inevitable pattern. No matter where we went, or who we spoke to, it was almost like all the people, specifically Aunties  (sorry Aunties, we still love you), had a script they adhered to. And we were target practice!

Amongst the many things we had to listen to, the following are a few that we had to bear the brunt of, over and over and over again and what our thoughts were. Phew!

1. Bas beta, you’re next. 

Aunty next? Next what? Next President? Next Dance Performance? Why can’t I just enjoy this shaadi first?

Thank you Aunties for making us feel oh-so comfortable at a social event. And when we do get married, we will let you know.

2. Single? What? How?

So Aunty, it was all a planned strategy. And top secret. And now you’ve been filled in. Oh wait, the shop ran out of guys, we might be waiting for new stock. Ya fir sale lagne do.

3. Oh pretty suit beta, didn’t you wear this for Mehak’s Sangeet also?

Aunty, is that a compliment or not…either way, yes its that suit, because YOLO.

Suit = Blue Jeans

Te mainu suit suit karda!

4. So which one of the Groom’s friend do you like, haan haan? *wink wink*

Aunty, ummm no. One, we can’t tell who’s who. And two, I think I need a top up. Which leads to…

5. Beta, you’re drinking??!! 😮 Inna piyengi taan vyaah kaun karuga *wink wink* 

Compliment or INSULT? (Ya dude its my 4th.) He he he hanji Aunty, because #equality #humanrights.

6. Itni lambi heel mein tum chal lete ho? :/

I would like to think so, or should I walk past again?

7. Thin Girl! Big appetite haan!


8. Beta how much weight have you lost. WOW. You used to be SO FAT! What gym?

#mindgym = #nogym

9. Dude you want me to start looking at my husband’s friends for you?

You know what, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I don’t mind. *FLIPS HAIR*

10. Omg your mom dad know you drink?

 Omg do your mom dad know you breathe?

11. My husband and I went to Bali for our honeymoon, what have you been up to?

Reality = Vegetating

Answer = I had a muffin with my coffee, yesterday, BOO YEAH!

12. Haye Rabba, inni ji si, kinni vaddi hogi hai.

Ya Aunty I grew since… wait, who are you?

13. Granny Aunty: Beta my grandson is very handsome.

…and high. #hayehaye

 If you relate and you think we gave you a laugh, please share and comment below. 🙂

Co-Authored by The Addicts

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5 thoughts on “The Single Girl Perspective: The Reality of Indian Weddings – Things People Say

  1. Awesome stuff. You girls Rock !!! I stand warned 😂😂😂😂😂. Loads of love from Aunty. 😍😍😍

  2. Hahaha!! This could not have been more adorably put. Thank you for the laugh. Been there done that… it’s never ending post marriage also *hate to break your heart* but the when are you giving us some “good news”. Because a) this peace doesn’t match an unstained suit b) my life is still incomplete even though I found Mr Darcy c) I’m not pregnant, it’s just the winter weight *kill me*. Also *drum roll* for the best team so far.

  3. Amazing article. I think every single girl can relate to this at any social gathering. Hilariously described. *Love it*

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