7 Unique Gifts For Men (To Break The Monotony)

Guys and gals, let’s be real. Men have limited options when it comes to gift options. I was browsing creative ideas for a gift for a friend and lo and behold there was just the basics available. And I ain’t shunning those basics. I mean who doesn’t like receiving an expensive perfume or a bottle of wine but come on! It’s sad, really, that men don’t get to have the wide array of options that women seem to be bestowed with.

P.S. For all of you interested in buying one of these presents, I’ve linked the websites to the pictures. I feel very cool about doing this!

For the Gamers:

Remember your childhood? Men love games. And the art of board games is not ancient history yet. If you’ve known your friend for a long time and played a few board games back in the day, why not help them relive those happy memories? Buy them Monopoly or Battleship or Guess Who? or even Uno. Bring back thy youth!

For the Old Timers:

Yet again for a friend you’ve had for a really long time, personalized presents are easier to find! I fished out picture negatives from the year 1998 (A big shout out to my mom for keeping all our old pictures in an organized manner according to months and years) and got a picture of him and me framed with a quote from his favorite author printed at the bottom. Better than a tie set right?


More Personalized Goodies:

Is anything better than providing someone with something that they’d value!?

How about some personalized cufflinks eh? By the way, for those of you with higher budgets, buttons with engraved motifs are a pretty cool gift! Just saying 😉

Or how about a personalized passport holder for your jet setting friend?

Or personalized leather gifts?

Nerd Game On:

Books open up a whole new world right? If you’ve read a book or two that resonated with you in a meaningful way that you’d like to share, gift them further to your friend. You can personalize this present by highlighting your favorite quote/s or by writing those quotes on the first page.

Sports fans galore:

Theme based gifts of your friends favorite team are a homer every time. If you’ve got a football fan in the house, clubs these days do fun stuff like give an opportunity to a fan’s name to be forever engraved in the expanded stand. Look up your friend’s team and see what they do for their fans!

Well there you have it, my lovelies! If you like these or think of any more creative gifting ideas for men, do comment below or tag us with #twogirlsandcoffee and #tgac .

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