What Women Want in Their Men…

Every girl expects a certain amount of respect and love. The chivalry that surrounds a gentleman can never be over taken by the lure of feminism. Do not get me wrong! I am the first to stand up for equal rights and women power but I still believe in the olden values. The ones that seem to have gotten swept under the rug.


I love the feel of a man when he opens the door for you and puts his hand on the small of your back to let everyone in the room know that you are his and his alone. I love it when a man offers to pick me up. I love it that even when I offer to pay, he says no thank you and proceeds to do so himself. I absolutely adore it when my man is willing to fight anyone standing in the way of the two of us being together!

But no matter what I love, the truth of the matter is that the soul of the true gentleman is fading fast. This generation forgets the meaning of respecting a woman and what it means to love whole-heartedly. Respect and love are secondary to comfort and money and lust. The ‘southern values’ of the West or just ‘values’ here in India are hardly available in the gene pool anymore and I will be the first to say that if a man knows not to treat me through and through, he is not getting any loving from me either (I ain’t joking, y’all)! 

So all you men out there that want a girl to take care of you and have a Corona with lime ready for you when you get home… Do not take your woman for granted! Take her on a date once in a while, shower her with loads of affection, stand up for her rights (even if its your own family you need to fight against for her), love her the way Orpheus loved Eurydice and see the way she would change her entire world for you without a thought about her own needs and wants.

But the focus of this narrative was meant to be for my lovely women out there. You all deserve the best. Every single one of us deserve a man who would make us feel like a princess cause we sure as hell are meant to be queens. And if your man has the audacity to make you feel like shit for something random, dump his good-for-nothing ass. He is not worth your time. Don’t take cheating, lying, or philandering lightly. Fight for yourself and know that no matter what, dreaming about a prince rescuing you on a white horse is not needed. You can be a princess in your own right and stand for your own self. It is your dream. Though, if the prince ends up growing up and being a man… then, AMEN! But if not, kiss the frogs.

There is an abundance of such frogs… or haven’t you heard… Its Raining Men!

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