Your Airport Fashion Bible

People travel a lot around these parts and here you have a list of pointers to help you travel fashionably and comfortably. Hope you enjoy your travel stylishly and as glam as ever!

  • Wear something loose and comfortable. I travel in my baggiest clothes and sleep like a baby in my comfy cotton shirts 🙂
  • Lean towards yoga pants and cute stretchy pants or for men jogging pants maybe. Especially for a red eye… Don’t wear jeans or shorts! Those are, for one, uncomfortable and second, you’re just going to get cold in the shorts.
  • Try to not carry excessive weight in your carry on. To look effortless you really want the ‘Devil may care’ look and that requires big tote bags and cute (lightweight) carry ons. Besides no one likes to have to help you stow away your bag because you are unable to lift it yourself. Save yourself the embarrassment and just pack light for the carry on and just stuff your checked in luggage.
Courtesy: Hello Fashion Blog
  • Minimilist makeup! I say go au naturale if you can cause well you’re beautiful ladies! Embrace it!
  • I know people like closed toe shoes for travel but I am personally a sandal person for the summer and boots for the winter. So shoes… you do you and find something that you can run in and/or don’t struggle to take off when its your turn at the security check in. People who hold up the lines annoy the living hell out of me and try not to be one of them.
Courtesy: dudemodernos

Well there you have my lovelies! Short and simple to let you know that the comfiest clothes are a game changer at the airport. Make sure that when traveling you pack light and repetition is not the end of the world. Comment for other great ideas for travel fashion and since it is a beautiful day to learn something.. I hope you tag me in on other things you learn today! #tgac and #gayatrilearnssomething

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